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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

55 Random Things About Me!

Hello again humans!
Today I was going through one of my friends blog and I found this amazing thing she had written and I decided I will write something similar on my blog.
I got this topic to write on from my friend's blog(one of the best bloggers I've ever met!).She says that this is pretty much like a 'chain' topic,so,this Idea is not originally hers,but,she's put up a post with this topic too! :)
The reason behind this post is that I wanted my followers (the to-be one's as well..) to know me in the best way they can! And..this post is just a glimpse of me! :D it goes..

1.I'm completely in love with Ryan Gosling.
2.No books..NO LIFE!
3.I have never liked maths. :-\
4.Just because I am thin..please DO NOT think that 'I DONT EAT'.I might be one of the most 'I-AM-HUNGRY-ALL-THE-TIME' kind of person you will meet!
5.Even though I'm a non-vegetarian and a bengali..I dont like fish/
6.A book,I-pod,Loads of food and a laptop/computer to blog and facebook..*HEAVEN*
7.I am a complete PARTY GIRL!
8.I jolly well know that I am kinda tomboyish from the way I dress,walk and talk! You dont have to constantly remind me.
9.I dont like sports much.
10.My patience level is not something I can be proud of!
11.Yes..I am crazy,freaky,wierd,pathetic,short tempered,over-excited. And,I dont care.
12.Highly photogenic!
13.Give me eggs,vegetables and seasonings and I can present a wonder in your plate!
14.Just looove sweets! :D
15.Facebooking is the only option to keep me busy,even though I get terribly bored.
16.I love Kolkata, my hometown.
17.My most favourite festival on the entire world is..Durga Puja..Holi comes after it! :P
18.I love my school!
19.I have the BEST time of my life..during the last few months of every class..and by far,class seventh was the best.
20.I find reality tv serials funny (unless they make sense..!)
21.I love blogging!
22.I am quite...'Ride-o-phobic'.. :-\
23.At times I am afraid of being left out at stuff I am good at.
24.I dont like the 'Heavy Metal' genre.
25.Have a sense of belonging towards my Bengali community xD
26.I am not a Twilight addict!
27.I love watching..'How I met your mother','Castle' and 'Friends' :)
28.I believe that Barney Stinson(How I met your mother) and Joey Tribianni(Friends) are amazing! :D
29.I feel lonely and incomplete without my phone! :P
30.Serious Cold Coffee addict!
31.I am one of the proud owners of the entire 10th season of Friends! :D
32.I think that 'Glee' is a pretty good show too.
33.Over-hyped and Over-paid..Hate such things.
34.Telly Tubbies are one of the cutest things I've seen!
35.I think Phineas and Ferb is really awesome!
36.My favourite author-Cecelia Ahern (Currently)
37.I love classical music!
38.I love my friends more than life itself!
39.Yes,I am a wee bit possesive!
40.I love the winters!
41.Though,I am bad at dancing,I still love it!
42.I have 'pinchable' cheeks! ;)
43.I want to travel and explore the world as much as I can!
44.Okay,I love horror movies/stories but,I am scared that night and a few nights after that!
45.I do laugh at lame jokes!
46.I dont care much about my hair,unless I wash them in a gap of 4 days..
47.Serious Movie-addict! :D
48.I am an aquarian.. :)
49.I bite my nails..
50.I sleep with the light on..
51.I like sleeping during boring classes :P
52.I loooove talking on the phone!
53.I cant take a bath unless I have music playing at the back!
54.I love drinking Ice-tea! :D
55.I love being myself! :)


  1. And I love you just the way you are! :)

  2. why only 55?? you could have gone on..:)))

  3. I know all that....!
    It's just...Well, I am not so sure about #18...!

  4. Ma-I know! :p

    @Sonia Aunty-I could have but,i was tired!

    @Asmi-Yeah..but,I am relating it to it in a different way! I'll let you know how do I look at 'I LOVE MY SCHOOL' in this post! :p

  5. Interesting! We have quite a few things in common! :D
    Although, in some things, we're very dissimilar... ;)

  6. i guess one always remembers someone as one saw them last and that was so long ago when you were so it's lovely to get to know you as you are now through your blogs and the descriptives of yourself...all i can say is you've grown so much and so beautifully! Melissa

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