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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Tick Tock on the Clock!

Hello again earthlings! of my 'senior' friends,advised me to put up a small piece of writing which I wrote in my 'Literary Club' class in school.Well,she has not read it yet and told me to put it up,so that,I get feedbacks from her as well as all of the others reading it!
So,in class we were given the fairytale 'Cinderella' as the base and we had to write a short write up on any one of the events in the book from the point of view of any one of the characters in the book. (excluding Cinderella herself..)
While everyone wrote,I had not really thought about on who's point of view should I be writing on. I went through the list of people I could've used to write and then one name hit me! It was the 'clock' in grand hall, when Prince and Cinderella danced in the ball!
And,then I wrote about the Clock's point of few on the event in which Cinderella ran away from the ball at midnight! Enjoy Folks!
The Clock's Point of View

It was 11.59 p.m ,and I was in no mood to tick 12, As I saw Cinderella dancing splendidly with the Prince,Oh! the looked so in love! But,if I tick 12, Cinderella would have to go! (Oh yes! Fairy Godmother did tell me to tick 12 midnight and not be a naughty clock or she'll turn me into a rat!) I wanted to stop the time so badly but,I could do nothing but tick away. 5,4,3,2,1 and I reluctantly banged loudly, announcing throughout the palace that it is 12 midnight. There I saw Cinderella all startled,i could see from her face that she did not want to leave. She looked at the prince for the last time that night, she caught a glimpse and ran as fast as she could. The prince who was equally astonished stared at her with complete surprise. Cinerella ran furiously and so did the prince. Cinderella, was sobbing away, and as she rushed down the staircase, she left her shiny glass slipper right there. When the prince found her slipper, he picked it up and looked up at the shimmering night sky. I could somehow just feel his loneliness. Every second,one of my hand ticked, my heartbeat was increasing violently,waiting for the dawn to break and a new day to bestow upon my mind.

So, how was it?
My teacher's were pretty impressed by it! One of them, took my piece of writing specially and read it out in one of her english classes. I was extremely proud of myself *BIG PROUD GRIN*!.
So,let me know you're rewiews! I'll be waiting for them!
Do comment!
Thanks again! :-D


  1. Hello Joyee, this is a nice piece of writing - you have created entirely new perspectives on Cinderella and the prince! I have been following your blogs, and look forward to many more that you would be writing.

  2. Hello Tilak Uncle!
    Thanks for the valuable feedback! :)
    I'll be writing a lot on my blog,I just love 'full on blogging'! :P
    Keep reading my blog! :D

    P.S- You're name is not showing among my followers. :-\

  3. this is wonderful :)
    I love the writing style and your creativity...pretty cool :)

  4. "Senior friend" ;) <3
    Its as good as Ms Geetanjali was saying it was, maybe even better.
    Your brain is awesome. YOU are awesome.
    Keep writing and enchanting us. =]

  5. The story does cover an entirely new ground. Well done, Jukebox.

  6. Priyanka- Thank You! :D

    @Dipin-I had actually planned to write..My senior friend,mentor and our school's president! :D
    But,I was not sure would you be flattered or not-flattered-at all! :P

    @Daju-Thank you! :D

  7. P.S-Dipin you are MUCH MUCH MUCH more amazing and talented..than the little bit of talent and amazement I have! :D


Let me know some feedback! *shivers*