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Sunday, November 7, 2010

A conversation with God.

I was sitting idle in front of my window,as the soft breeze touched and caressed my cheek. I had Tonight-FM Static playing on my headphones and that just added to the mood of that evening.Yes,I was in a pretty melancholic mood that day, everything seemed void and depressing, I did not want to anything, since, everything I did reminded me of the things I wanted wash away from my memories..My life was in a very very bad state and I did not what was I supposed to do.

Suddenly,I heard my cell phone ring that too faintly,so I paused the song and said a soft 'Hello?' and I could not recognize who was on the other line,but the voice was 'Oh-so-soft' and was flawless from each and every way. I did not know who was I talking to but,I had developed a greed,a temptation for that voice. It was like melted chocolate,It was just super-amazing. I kept on talking,actually just blabbering random stuff without knowing exactly what I was saying and the person on the other line just listened to me and replied back to every random statement I made. It was calming me down,I felt happier and lighter,I could have gone on and on just talking to the voice on the other side of the phone.
Soon,we were talking for hours and hours and hours. I suddenly started to develop a feeling of guiltyness as I thought..'This guy..whoever he is,must be getting really mad at me and might not be cutting the phone because he is gentleman enough to care about being rude to a girl. So,I abruptly just asked him while he was saying something (I felt like killing myself for that because,I could have got a few more moments with his beautiful voice) that 'Hey..arent you getting tired of talking to me? Like,dont you have some other work to do? Its been like 'FOREVER' since we've been talking to eachother you know!' Though,I could not see him I felt him smile through his voice as he said 'I am never going away unless you want me to..' I felt a warm rush of happiness in me and blushed as my cheeks turned cherry red, as he suddenly said 'You look pretty when you blush..' I was surprised and that made me blush even more! And I said in an innocent way 'How do you know that?' and he wistfully said 'I know more then you can ever imagine'. Yes,that was pretty much a smart-ass kinda comment but,I just ignored that and kept on talking about my life and then did I realise that I had spilt all the beans and the person on the other line knew every single thing about me. But,some wierd feeling in me told me that it was just right. And,I chuckled quietly and continued talking on the phone. Then I heard a familiar voice shouting out my name and saying 'Come down for dinner now! Do you realise its 11 now?' And,a froze for a second as I saw the time,yes,it was 11 and I hurriedly bid my goodbye's with the person on the other line as I said 'Hey! We've been talking for like 5 hours now! I'll catch up with you later! Bye!' The voice said 'Oh yes..I do know that..and,I'll be considering this as our first and last chat,you will be able to find me somewhere in you're soul someday..Till then Bye and always remember I love you..' And phone was disconnected. I hated the fact that I had to hang up then. But,then I remembered our conversation and my heart skipped a beat each time I remembered the cute stuff which was said to me. I felt like I was in love and could not get anything else into my mind..but the person on the other side of the line. I remembered his voice and I always ended up drooling. But,then I forgot to ask that person..who was he/she? Though,the sound was of a man but,it had the smoothness of the voice of a woman. So then,I called back on that number,well,when you read the number I believed that number never existed it was just a one-digit number but, I was going crazy to hear that voice again so, I thought the impossible could be possible and the phone surprisingly began to ring but then suddenly it said 'God is busy..He will contact you as soon as he can Joyee' and I froze there and then. But,then..I saw a bright ray of light coming into my room and when I went upto the window there was no one but I could just hear that tempting voice again saying 'You know who I am and you have found me in yourself..and,I promise to be there forever and ever till the day you come back to the place you belonged to' I knew the voice talked about heaven or god's abode. And,suddenly the voice dissapeared and I felt much more attached to god inside my heart as I looked up into the starless night sky and smiled with relief and said 'Thank you..' :)


  1. Its a little far fetched...but still, quite good!
    I especially liked the way you described the voice :)

  2. Yeah..the voice part! My favourite! :)
    Thanks anyways! :D

  3. Hello

    How it possible tlak with God...even hours and hours...U mentioned ur communication tool was Mobile phone....Are u prepaid customer or post paid customer ?.if prepaid U continued conversation for 5 hours ?Really i don't know...It was great Bluff?

    If U know telepathy really i am having jealous on U.Because i don't know Telepathy..If U know where U learned it ! Any price paid for THAT.

    Awaiting for Ur reply.....


  4. Its just fiction.
    It did not really happen to me!

  5. Hey im Mahima , Asmi's friend , she told me to read you r blog .... THANKS asmi !!!!!!! <3
    OMG !!! U ppl are just awesome !!
    Actually , awesome is a huge understatement !!!
    I feel like I already know you !!! Ur an amazing writer , just like asmi !!!!!! :D
    You know im seriously feeling horrible right now-
    1) cuz im dead sure i'll never be able to write that well !
    2) cuz im not able to tell you exactly how awesome you are !!!!!
    Btw , trust me , this is NOT flattery ...
    Ur AMAZING !!!!! :D
    <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

  6. Hi Mahima!
    Yes..Asmi told me over the phone about you. I am really really glad that you read it! And,I do not say I am a bad writer but, I am not as good as you just described me as! I am really flattered!
    Thanks a ton for reading my blog! Follow it if you can..I have pretty less already. :-P
    Love. :)


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