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Sunday, January 2, 2011

2011..Guesses anyone? ^.^

Happy New Year Folks! 2011 is 'FINALLY' here and February's on the way! [My budday! :-p] Wooohooo!

So..I wont make the my first post of 2011 a long and usual list of Resolutions. Infact, I suddenly got this special talent of 'guessing correctly' inculcated in myself. So,I am gonna predict and tell you few things which are bound to happen or will continue to happen in 2011.
Here it goes:

1. Men will continue to urinate on roadsides. (Gross!)
2. Even though Ethnic Chinese cuisine is now available, Chinjabi will never go away! Who's gonna stop eating Chilly Paneer and Gobhi Manchurian? xD
3. Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar isnt going out of fashion for the cheap and great shopping!
4. But,nither does any one stop splurging? Zara,Mango,Spaghetti Kitchen,Haagen Dazs,Bukhara..They are gonna stay intact, Always. Delhi's got the Filthy Rich population..A lot of it infact!
5. Another Munni or Sheila 'WILL' come up for sure!
6. Guys would never stop passing lewd comments to girls such as.. 'Hey Babs! Ek nazar toh de de!'
7. Most women aged from 16-30, wont realise Delhi Winters arrival and wear a skimpy black dress, and black heels. Their only conciousness to the fact that winters have arrived would be a Short Black Scarf in which I could not even blow my nose on or wipe my sweat.
8. Dolly Bindra (Bigg Boss) is gonna remain the way she is. Big mouth and butt. (No Offence Ms. Bindra)
9. During The 'BOILING' Summers, Fat ladies wearing satin suits and huge sunglasses. Would be standing on an sultry afternoon at Lajpat Nagar eating Chaat or Ice Cream.
Satin + Summers = I rather commit suicide.
10. Maths will remain a misery for me.
11. Flights will get delayed because of the FOG. >.< (My flight to Kolkata did on the 30th)
12. More reality shows involving relationship troubles between a young boy and girl will come up to continue to make a mockery of the contestants.
13. The facebook trends of 'frnds'. 'thnks', 'wtsup', i lv u bby' would remain alive and I am never gonna go on that path!
14. Another Hannah Montana like girl would come up..making money..gaining fans and making herself a comedy show by trying to do horrible publicity stunts!
15. Woman would progress more! In all fields.. :)
16. Ranbir Kapoor would remain the best. <3
17. More new couples would come up through online chatting. Phew!
18. More bloggers would come up! There are tons of people to inspire them to write! (Ahem ahem.. :-p)
19. Kingfisher and Jet Airways..Tujhe bhula diya oh..If you want to make us remember you..please reduce you're rates!
20. I would still rock! ;-)

Peace Guys!
Have Rocking 2011! :)


  1. Hmmm...dude, you are bound to rock, and so am I, after all...The FEXIEST people on Earth are here...!!
    Wohooooo!! =P

    P.S. See i told you, obssessing over myself has become quite a hobby for me! :P

  2. Fexy..
    You should stop being so self obsessed sweetie!
    But,Its true that we are the fexiest! :-D

  3. You know I am kidding...But who? WHO can defy the truth? =P

  4. I like #16 the most!
    Hilarious post xD
    Lets wait and see what happens :D

  5. Disguise- Thanks! :)
    @Peabee- Hahaha..Thanks! But, the 16th one is VERY VERY true! ;)

  6. Perceptive piece. As i read on i expected, though not very strongly, some scheme to emerge from your perceptive and reflective faculties to rock out of your math hatred. good post nevertheless.

  7. Loved this one too! God you rock!

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