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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Adieu 2010. :')

Today is the last Sunday of 2010.

What a year it has been! Well,it went by pretty quick! And,the events which took place in this year..well..were a mix of a lot emotions. Few incidents I would NEVER want to come back again and few are which I could live in forever.

But,overall taking the goods and the bad's it has definitely been an eventful year and when I look back in time, I will miss 2010 for sure!

Lets rewind and catch some glimpses of the past year.

2010 begins with a BANG!
School re-opens,everyone is busy and the January freeze is pretty much still there. Foggy Mornings and Misty Nights, Delhi is beautiful then too.


My BIRTHDAY! Entered my teens..I was finally 13! And,got my first mobile which was not second hand. (Both the previous ones broke down because my mom used them AGES ago!)
Happy Times with the entire month being heart warmingly special.

Last month as a 7thee. Full on Masti. Trip to Panchmarhi and Report Cards. >.<> Madness but, In the end we won it because of our effort and hard work. After the first few weeks the Summer Vacation began as Delhi began to boil reaching over just 35-36 degrees.

As Delhi's weather reach to the forties. My family and me head out for the United States of America. Was at my Aunt's and Uncle's place in Danbury, CT. Met my 1 year old sister and my Grandparents, I was delighted. Went to New York, Maryland,New Jersey and many more places! Loved that trip! And,the weather was amazing out there! :-D

Back to Delhi.
Only two words to say: HORRIBLY HOT. :-\

School Began. Sweat beads ran down my forehead every second with the temperature increasing. A kinds sad month with a lot of thins which went wrong. But,whatever. I survived. I am strong girl. :)

The weather began to settle down. Better than before. Not the best. The month was full of pretty random stuff for me. I went with the flow! :)

Ah! Rain! Happiness filled me! :-D
Plus, I began blogging! ;)

1st term Report Cards. Had a hard time with Maths and French. :-\
Holidays from the exams too. But,it was a great month! Durga Pujo, CWG Holidays and loads more!

Diwali,Mexican Delegation,Many happenings. Plus,the whole lot of marriages we attended. The winter's cold nip in the air was there. Began wearing warm clothes and the heater was on in early school days.

The end of the year. Winding up the 365 days which passed. Nostalgia,Memories and Looking back the memory lane. Christmas Parties and The New Year and ofcourse, The FETE! :-D
The ending of a memorable year. :-)
So, That was about it! Just a glance through it all. I'll miss 2010. Its gonna be in here, closed,cherished and captured forever!


  1. Hey! Nice recap of the year! Hope 2011 is full of similar happy moments =)

  2. Well,
    I am hoping so too!
    Thanks anyways Peabee! ;)

  3. Obviously Fete was the best thing ever!
    Afterall...main jo aayi thi! :P

  4. 2010 has surely been eventful. And you've summarized it so well too! :)
    Here's wishing.2011 is even better! =]

  5. Wow - love your diary! I hardly can keep notes from last weekend. And what a fascinating year it was for you. Hope you have a greater 2011 : )

  6. Asmi- Oh shut up! But,yeah..that was one of the reasons! Afterall..I miss you sooo much! :-)

    @Dipin- Thank you sooo much Dipin! <3 :-D

    @Kriti- Thank you sooo much! :)<3

  7. p.s- Let me add, I was also promoted to class 8 in April. :)

  8. Lol...obssessing over myself is so much fun. :P
    Kidding...Yea, I miss you too.. :(

  9. P.S. I love your blog's new title..It ekdum 'raapchik'! :P

  10. Thank you jee! ;)
    Just felt like changing it..I am pretty mad you see. :-p

  11. Recapitulation is quite a fun. You had a few lines to write about all the 12 months. That's a lot of memory to capture, and catch up with whenever you want to.

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