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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Her name is Sparkles..

I saw her in the sky.
Solitary sitting over there and looking over all of us. She seemed pretty bored to be up there. But,she was still there. Actually,apart from Venus she was the only one to be up there and visible to us from our naked eyes.
I was still looking at her, she was just beautiful.Her shine and her gracefulness left me spell bound.I named her Sparkles.
She was loyal and one of my best Friends. Even though we were millions of miles away from each other..I felt close to her. We were talking to each other, I knew that very well that we were because I knew there was some connection.
Yes,it is pretty awkward that I spoke to a star. But,in my imagination, everything is wild. I can talk,see and explore spaces of this universe which has yet not been found.I can visit those places because my mind constructs that place for me. That place is a plethora of all kinds of random things. It maybe heart shattering things or it maybe
the most beautiful and amazing things you have ever seen.When that space is created for me, my minds plays along everything I have ever seen or heard of. Everything binds together and then a canvas, a world, a new life is formed up for me. It is like a playground for my thoughts. It is free, wild and new.
That is how I got to talk to Sparkles. The funny thing is that, It was only me talking. Sparkles only heard my voice. She was not responding but, somehow, I did not care or bother. Normally, when I talk to someone, I expect that person to reply. To respond back in agreement or disagreement. But,this time it was not like that at all. It was just words flowing out of my mouth and her ears recieving every word I spoke. Sparkles was the best way for me to calm down and take of burden and stress from my shoulders which I bore, just by talking about it.

I spent the entire night just talking to her. I had to tell her everything. My mouth would not just stop! Though, I was continously telling myself to shut up, but, I felt that no one could be trusted more than Sparkles can be trusted. Frankly speaking,from my heart, I thought God could not be trusted that much either. It was only and only Sparkles where I could keep all my secrets under lock and key forever and ever till eternity.

Suddenly, Sparkles began fading away. Very slowly. But, she was fading away. I looked a bit beyond her and saw that the sun was beginning to rise up. Faint rays of sunlight were emerging from far away. As I saw the sun emerging into the sky,a deep emotion of loss was over powering my senses. I was getting this feeling that Sparkles is going to go now. And,not for a short period of time but forever. That sentence hit me like a bolt in my heart,it pierced it and blood of pain began flowing out of it. I stuttered and said my goodbye's to Sparkles. She still did not reply to me, I was begging for atleast one reply but I got none at all. Sparkles,in a moment dissapeared from my eye sight. I tried to find her but she was not there. I was heart broken. But,tears did not fall.

I still remember Sparkles. She meant the world to me. She meant everything to me and I thank her wherever she is for listening to me and guiding me without uttering a single world.

Thanks Sparkles.
You my champ. Now and forever!

I love you. :-)

P.S- I hope you're smiling after reading this wherever you are or may be.


  1. Awww. This post made me smile. And think. We all need a sparkles- a confidant, silent companion- in our lives.. And loss, which is inevitable, still hurts each time we experience it.. 
    Very creative, kid! Keep it up. :D

  2. Thanks Dipin! Glad you read it!
    I completely agree with whatever you just said and experiencing all of that is moreover important too.
    Thanks anyways! :)

  3. Wow! Reading it did take a lot of load off my mind too. Thanks to my 'Sparkle' - my champ - for writing it.

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