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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scribblings over a frosted window glass.

It was merely 6 P.M as the sun began to set in the foggy sky of New Delhi. The air was getting cooler and the evening began to fall. I was sitting inside my car as I looked out of the window. I saw little boys and girls with merely a rag upon them shivering, as it was becoming colder. Peniless they were. That was when I realised how lucky I was to have a warm jacket over me and a pair of warm socks to keep me covered. I was indeed thankful. Then that image passed by and then came an old couple walking on the footpath briskly with their jogging shoes and sports jackets on, they looked healthy and fit. That scene made me pretty happy. I breathed a sigh of relief and smiled. As I let out another sigh, the window created a small canvas for me. I chuckled like a silly baby and began writing names and drew wierd and pretty random stuff on the window. That was pretty entertaining! So,I let out bigger sighs and created bigger canvases for myself and drew more! :)

As I kept on scribbling the radio bursted with the song 'Sheila ki jawaani' which currently is the wierdest but, the most addicting song for me. So, I began writing the lyrics on the window but, I got extremely angry when, that fog evaporated and got lost into the empty atmosphere.

More songs played over the radio and I scribbled on windows even more. I used to burst out in silent laughters every time someone saw me creating graffiti over the frosted window glass. While I was busy in doing that I realised that finally the winters have come! My favourite season! When you wake up every morning with your teeth clattering and body shivering, when all the girls have to wear skirts to school and get their legs frozen every morning, when temperatures go down to 2-3 degrees, when the heatres are put on , when we don our selves with shawls and take out are fat big balnkets at night, when everything though cold,dark and depressing seems exciting, romantic and snuggly! when the 'special and good' feeling comes over you in utterly dark cold nights and crispy and frosty early mornings. Every thing is amazing in winters for me! Christmas,New Years,My birthday! All the days which give me a warm and exciting feeling comes during this time and the festive seasons ends with the beginning of winters.
From November end to the end of February, the best time at the end of the year and the start! (See see! the new year always starts with my favourite season! B-D)

I love the winters. Forever! :-)
Especially, writing over frosted window glass! Hahaha! :-D


  1. Winters- that time of the year when lethargy and shivers take over, it's almost exam time and I wish I could wake up to a warm sunny day. :\
    But graffiti on frosted glass, snuggling up, your birthday, blowing into the sir to see your breath condense, Christmas! :D
    You made me see the best of a season I really am not so fond of. :P

  2. Yeah! Lethargy and major shivering is the 'in-thing' during winters!
    And,if I did change what you think about winters,then its absolutely wonderful! I am glad! :)
    Anyways..Thank you! :-*

  3. I liked the way you described winters. I hate them, but well, you *almost* made me stop and consider them :P
    I love our winter uniform though, and the fog and "graffiti" :D

  4. Aah! You wont believe how happy am I to change you're opinion about winters as well! :-D
    I love our winter uniform too..its soo snuggly puggly! :-p

  5. You just made me fall in love with *winters* more. :) I wonder, for what unknown reason, I have been convinced to love winters by 7 different people today? Really? What is the man up above up to?

  6. Hey there!
    I am so glad that you've changed you're mind about this season as well! I guess I am pretty good at this you know..convincing people! :)
    And if 7 other people did the same, then I guess you gotta face it..Winters are amazing!
    Thanks for the comment! :-D

  7. I love winters too!
    The early morning walks, all the laziness, the cool winds, a cup of hot chocolate and yes, writing on the window!
    My fav time of the year is finally here, YAYYY!!

    Btw, Sheila ka Jawani? Seriously? :P

  8. Yes..True all that stuff you like! :-D
    My favourite time too!

    And..yeah..Sheila ki jawaani! :p

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