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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Baaah! What's with me and winters?

I would not be surprised if it snows in Delhi.
Because, I am horribly cold.
My feet are ice.
My hands are frozen.
My nose is about to break off.
And..everything around me..from the benches,to my bed,my car..everything is freakishly cold! would be expecting a 'I hate winters' from me.
But,guess what?
I love the winters! ;-)
Even though everything is so cold that it could break off as ice any moment. I just cant get over the prettyness of everything in winters!
Especially..The fog,the mist,the dew,the layers of clothing,my mufflers,snuggling up in blankets and watching T.V or a movie. Couples must be adoring the winters because they get a reason yo get all cosy with eachother and look into eachothers eyes over a cup of coffee and all that wierd cheesy and mushy kinda stuff! :-)
Also the snow! Its soo pretty at times you know!
Yeah..I know that we get extremely lethargic during that time..but,even the lethargy feels nice! But, when you get bashed up by teachers..that's a different case!

What I really really like about winters is the utter cold and china blue skied mornings and bitter,dark and foggy nights.
It may seen wierd. But,it does have something which appeals me a lot. And, morover for writers and poets, such atmospheres can be just perfect. Trust me. It can,because, there was a time when I used to be a budding poet. Well,mornings are the perfect times to write,its far more prettier than the night. But,its killer punishment getting up! So,I used to sit at late nights. Used to write randomly about street lights and piercing winters.

Now, with every wonderful thing there is a dark side of it. Which is heart shattering at all times for me and in winters its the population of people who survive the cold on the frozen cemented streets.
I do feel horrible thinking about them with clattering teeth..getting frozen in the un-merciful winters. But..that's god creation. That's how it was meant to be. Though,its really really sad. :-\

I still love the winters.
Every little simple joy of it. :)

I'd consider it as My ardent love for the wretched winters then! ;-)


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