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Saturday, January 15, 2011

From this heart to all the hearts out there..

To some people whom I love..

Myself : You are strong and can face all adversities in life. Whenever I break down, make my mind rejuvenate my soul and give me the strenght and the guts to stand up and move forward. Dont let petty things in life scare me nor let anyone make me back down for any reasons. Make me last the way I have been lasting.

My Parents : We fight, I scream, You ground me, I disobey you and at times even raise my voice against yours which always lands me up into deep deep trouble but, whatever I am today is because I had you with me. Thank you for all. I love you guys. :)

My entire family : No one can give better wedding parties than you guys! Thanks for being there! I love you all! :-*

My friends : A world without you is no world at all. Because,you are the people who make me have an awesome time, councel me, scold me, remind me, always give me the spirit of staying storng, letting me myself, giving me tons and tons of memories forever. You have been a LIFELINE for me. And,I dont want to face the trauma of imaganing a world without you guys! I heart you all. <3

My lovers : I am flattered! But..Dont make it waaay too mushy! :)

My blog followers : The reason that I even write a blog is only because of YOU guys! Thanks a lot! For the support!

To my teachers : I have hated you at times and at times loved you crazily! Thanks for you taught me. :)

To India : Hum kisi se kum naheee! We are capable of doing wonders! We all just need a little cooperation. I hope we'll make it to the top! After all..YES WE CAN! ;)

To the world : Heal the world. Make it a better place. For you and for me and the entire human race! There are people dying..if we care enough for their living. To make it a better place for you and for me. :)

Peace! \/ :)


  1. Awesome Love! I love each and everything you have written here and whole heartedly second it - Love you babes!

  2. interesting reading. perhaps you can still develop each part into a more informative post in your thought provoking style.

  3. Nice...!
    Just because I've stopped writing,
    doesn't mean i won't read your.
    It was awesome.
    Love you loads...FRIEND! :)

  4. I miss your blog <3 :'(
    I laooove you girl!


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