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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Boing! :-D

Now, enough of my romantic fiction stories.
Its time for a twist in the tale!

My latest obsession is the word BOING.
Well, I really have NO IDEA whatsoever why I am even putting this up on my blog but I just wanted you guys to read it (whoever bothers to!).
So, Lets begin from the beginning.
It was Tuesday.
I was in school.
Sitting in my usual seat. Surrounded by my noisy and restless classmates. Afterall, we just finshed our LAST Unit Test of Science. (Yeah, Finals are still there..But, Baah! Its still a thing to party about!)
However, I was bored and sleepy. My friends were a bit disturbed to see ME tired and sitting alone in one corner of the class. But, I was too lazy to do anything.
But, I'm kind of unpredictable. And, my mood swings, well, they are a different matter altogether. I could be weeping at one moment I could jump with ecstasy and joy the next. I'm a moody freak in short. ;)
But, Its fun to be like that!
So, then after 20 minutes of me being in my weird mood. I suddenly get this funny kind of rush in my body and I jumped up on my seat and began shouting 'Boing! Boing! Boing!' in front of my entire class. They probably thought I'm a retard (which they anyway do), so they must have thought...The retard returns?
Thus, the entire day I just frolicked around chanting 'Boing! Boing!' wherever I went, whenever I felt like! It was fun!
Everyone who sat around me gave me dirty and 'tired of the boing-ing' looks. And, I just laughed and Boinged even more! And, I just loved doing it!

I did it today too. And, GUESS WHAT AGAIN?
They hated it. :)
My plan is to do the same with my Maths teacher tomorrow. It'll be fun! *giggles*.
I even wrote a poem on BOING. I guess I left it in my school desk. I'll get it and then put that up too. Hahaha..Boredom leads to such cool things.
Anyways..I better leave now. My mom's telling me to get off the computer. Arghh! >.<
Bye Guys!
Spread the love and peace and a BOINGGGG! from my side. ;-)


  1. Hmmm.. so, was the mission succesful ? did you boing your teacher ??? XD

  2. Nah..
    Didn't get a maths class yet!
    I guess after the exit tests? :-P

  3. Boing boing to you too....I'll do this in the office when I'm bored :)

  4. boiiiing seems to be addictive - the bug has bit me too : )

  5. Mumma- Haa! Sure! Dont blame me for getting fired then! :-P
    @ Minama- Hehehe..Guni likes it?

  6. Here is wishing you many happy BOING days without an iota of boredom.


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