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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The last breath.

Melancholy is an irresistible poison.
So Sweet.
So Beautiful.
So Addictive.

She sat in the dimply lit room. The letters scattered everywhere on the floor, the ages old bouquet of roses still lay on the messy bed. She was trying to hide the smell of his favourite whiskey from her lips. Her hands were clutching his favourite jacket, which was now drenched with her saline tears. Her face was overflowing with tears of kohl which was once outlined on her beautiful jet black eyes. Her waist lenght brown hair seemes uncombed for days.
The always gorgeous Jade now seemed dead.

It had been a long time since he left her and made his way towards god's abode but, the pain lay in her heart and did not part from her. The guilt of his death was buried deep within her. He would have been here only if she had not raised circumstances for him to leave.
It was her fault. He was back from the war with hopes of meeting her, seeing her, holding her in his arms and loving her forever. But, she was the one to blame.

The night fell and she took the last sip left from the bottle. She was feeling dizzy, exhausted and her reddened eyes were now slowly beginning to close. She could feel the four walls closing onto her, each of the sides pulling her to itself. Her heartbeat increased tremendously and suddenly dropped as she banged on the floor. She lay on the ground, with her body making its last movements, lungs recieving last breaths, eyes seeing its last sights and heart beating for the last time. As those few moments passed, she grew weaker and as the weakening eye of the day turned pitch black.
Her breath stopped, and death united with her. Forever.


  1. Wow - beautiful Jiya - i want to know the beginning and the middle of this story - its a great plot for a book in fact...

  2. I'll try to make out some time for that! :-)

    Thank anyways! :)

  3. Wow!! you ARE good girl!! Enjoyed this...

  4. Its come up with something that has a story,emotions..well done.

  5. Hey where did it come from - head or heart, or both combined? A very very good post. I agree with Kriti; we want the beginning and the middle of the story. Thanks buddy.

  6. Ma- Thank you! :)
    @Alpana Aunty- Thank you so much! :)
    @Daju- Hehe..both actually! And, As I said before, I'll have to think about the beginning and end that'll come up when Im free..Right now, Im very busy with school and yada yada yada!

  7. Hey that kinda left me wanting more:) really well written Joyee...ur good..sry great :)keep writing and all the Seema

  8. Inspired from Whiskey Lullaby? :)
    It's really nice :)

  9. Beautifully written. A very good choice of words. Had me groped till the end. :)

  10. Seema- Thank you so much! :)
    @Ruhani- Yes! How did you know? :-P
    @Shivangi- Thank you so much! :-D

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