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Monday, February 7, 2011

Who's the coolest 14 year old? :-D

Its my birthday! :-D

Had a great time since morning and I still am, So, I'd make it short.

So, here's the gifts list! xD

1) I-pod touch nano


3) A bag from the U.S

4) Chocolates and more stuff to eat from the U.S again!

5) MANY MANY MANY cards!

6) Teddy Bears. :-P

7) 2 cakes

8) Money! $_$

Rest to come on Wednesday! Actually, On Sunday and Monday (Today..My budday!) everyone was studying for the SST exam to be held tommorow. >.<
Becuase of that reason they cant even get it on Tuesday, therefore, they'll give me my surprise on
Wednesday. (From my friends) :-P

Sooo...Yipeeee! :-D
Love to all!


  1. You forgot to mention the wonderful write up about you (Bapi's)... : ) Hope you have more and more fun, gifts and laughter in the coming years my love...

  2. Arrey waah! Naice hai! Happy birthday once again Joe Poe <3


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