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Monday, June 13, 2011

Loner.? No more.

He was the so-called 'STUD' in their world.
We looked upto him, If we walked anywhere near us, our heads would bow down and our legs shivered. He had 5 other 'DUDES' walking around him. He was the athlete of out college, Girls began drooling just as he passed by and winked at them. He was the guy everyone wanted to be. He was the guy who had the entire campus as his empire.
Everything about him charmed me. But, He was a class apart. I was a simple girl. I wore simple clothes, ate simple food, Heck! Even my name was so simple.! I had a simple mobile phone, my facebook profile didn't have 1000+ people in my friend list. I was a girl who was a nobody. Or in their terms 'A LONER'.
I never really knew that the stud guy was staring at me during the exam until Tara came and told me. She was pretty excited about it. But, I couldn't care less. So, I just smiled at Tara and walked off. But, It didn't end there. As I walked out of the lunch room, getting my books together. I banged into him. Everyone around us stopped. And, the weirdest thing was that, he didn't move an inch either, he stood there and stared into my eyes. I thought to myself 'Sheesh! What a loser!'. I made my way through the crowd and walked off.

5 Months Later
The people started to move away as I walked in any corridor. This time people bowed their heads down when I was entered. No one dared to whisper if I was around. Guys didn't have a crush on me. They feared me. And you know why? Because, That STUD dude was ruined. Who ruined him? I did. And, You know one more thing.? That guy is no where to be seen now, Not because he left. But, Because of an event which traced to about 3 months back.

3 Months Back
I was tired. My face was red and the kohl which lined my eyes had smudged and was pouring out through my tears. My mouth smelt of alchohol and my dress was torn. It was the sophomore party's night and I was locked up in a bedroom with that stud dude, whom I thought was in love with me. 'I AM SUCH AN IDIOT.!' I screeched inside the room and began wailing with pain, exasperation and agony. My hands were bloodied. It had the blood of someone whom I thought I was in love with, Yes, It was the stud. I sat there beside him. Sobbing, remembering the night passed. How it began, And, How she made it end. But, It was not her fault. She looked at him with utter disgust and guiltiness. And, today, the only difference between him and her was that she was breathing and he was not. The 'SIMPLE' girl, was now, A Murderer.


  1. Wow, that was pretty cool.
    Horrifying, too!
    You know what
    I want a sequel.
    I really why she killed him and how...etc etc.!!
    Please please please???

    P.S. I like the new layout and everything. :-)

  2. Fexy. :*
    Thank you so muchhhh!
    I'll think about a sequel. ;)

  3. I am highly impressed..I always knew I have a winner with me,and this has surpassed my imagination..u are ROCKING!!I want to read more...please...

  4. Very interesting turn at the end...would be nice to see a continuation to this ending :) Great job!

  5. Alpana Aunty- Thankyou so much! :) Will write more soon.!
    Mary- Thankyou so much! :) Will think of writing a sequel. :D

  6. you just amaze me girl ! hatsoff... naice work... ;)

  7. Abhay: Thankyou so much.! :D

    Peabee: Yes.! Hahaha.! Thankyou so much.! :)

  8. Nice... You earned yourself a new follower.


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