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Thursday, January 26, 2012


She sat cross legged on the floor of the museum. In front of her lay the body of her lover, he had a bloodied scar on his collar bone.
Turning her eyes away, she looked towards her left, there lay the body of her best friend Tara. Oh, What a beautiful girl she had been. But, her face was almost torn apart with a sharp glass, which was now left on her lower jaw.
Her hands were stained of blood, her face was streaked with dirt. She sat there clenching the broken glass, wounding herself even more. Her eyes were wide open, with disbelief and pain.
She screamed.
She screamed at the top of her lungs.
Her throat felt hurt and sore. Out of pain and agony, she tugged on her disheveled hair. Yanking out a handful of strands, she cried her eyes out.
She crawled to her lover, and ran her hand through his face. His skin felt rough and dirty. She bent towards him, and kissed his upper cheek.
She then rose up, and walked shakily towards Tara. She dropped on the floor, grabbed Tara's hand and began to sob silently to herself. Within a moment, she dropped her hand back on the cold marble floor.
She stood up, and looked at both the bodies. Bodies of people she loved dearly, their loss was something she did not want to deal with. She did not even want to accept the fact that they were now no more.
She trembled, looking at the scars, scarlet lines of blood on their wounded bodies. Scars which were caused by merciless stabbing with glass pieces.
A flashback.
Everything came back into picture. Her heart screamed with pain.
She knew who did it and, whoever it was, was deserved to be punished.
Grabbing the glass piece closer, she took a long breath.
And, Within a few seconds.
She collapsed onto the floor with blood oozing out of her upper abdomen.
As the clock struck 4 A.M, 3 corpses lay on the floor of the dimly lit, narrow corridor of the local museum.


  1. WOW!!! I am here after a long time...and u rock with this one.

  2. ..wonderful write..wunderbar.. :)

  3. got to read an interesting short story after a long long time. no descriptions, no explanations....nice!

  4. Ooh how I love psychopaths =D Great work! :)

  5. Haha! So do I ;)
    I might be one too :O

    Thanks :D

  6. Great stuff! I especially like the background of the museum - in a way, a place of dead things.

    Ever thought of doing a story based in the Indian scenario or at least an Indian setting? Just a thought...

  7. Thanks Maam! :D

    Actually, I put in the name TARA because I thought it was sort of Indian.
    Well, I would improvise and try to write something with an Indian scenario. :)


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