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Sunday, February 19, 2012

And, I don't know why. I can't keep my eyes off you.

Well, Hello readers!
This post is AGAIN part of Fantabulous February. :)
Day 19. :D
^ Again. Doesn't really apply to me. Height of being irregular. :P
You walk through these corridors everyday. I just cannot help, but, stare at you.
You are just another guy. You're not the captain of the basketball team, neither are you the geek of the class.
You are loved by your teachers.
You are loved by your friends.
Did I ever mention that I cannot take my eyes off you when you're playing the guitar?
You're obsessed with football.
You're a COMPLETE gadget freak.
You listen to music genres, which I generally don't.
When you lend me your notebooks, the fact that your handwriting is terrible. Makes me go all 'Awww!'
You've got dark brown eyes. A nose dotted with blackheads. An amazing smile. A stupid sense of humor.
Everyone thinks you're an introvert. But, only I know how friendly you are. After all, I notice you all the time.

There are very few times we have talked. That too, only if we have some borrowing and lending to do.
How I wish, you'd just come up to me and say a hi sometimes.
I definitely do have stupid fantasies. You'd never want to just talk to me for no reason at all.
But, to hell with it! I'd still keep hoping.
And, till then.
I'll be waiting. :)

P.s- Pardon me. I know, this was kind of sugar coated and cliched. AGAIN. :P
P.s.s- The post title is a song named You and me- Lifehouse. Listen to it, in case you have not. :D


  1. Well, I thought it kind of is. :)
    Thank you!

  2. Lucky guy this Jukes : ). Nice read : ))

  3. Why do I think I know who this guy is? =P


  5. That sounds so me! While your protagonist still has some 'hero ishtyles',my fantasies just HAD TO BE underdogs! The backbenchers,the ones who failed in every test,overweight,ugly with a capital U,introvert,had body odor...I always fell for them.

  6. Hey, you cheated from mine. well, kind of :P I just wrote something which looks a lot similar like your's. though this is really too good, better than mine. :)

  7. I know who this is... not someone imaginary... :P
    but its cute... :)

  8. Soumiii diii. You've got style. ;)
    Dark Angel, I didn't cheat! I guess we think the same way. ;)
    Abhay Sharda.


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