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Monday, February 27, 2012

A cup of Darjeeling. That's all they need.

Hiya fella's! :D
My maths paper ended today! PHEWWWW!
It feels so good. :')
So, with happiness in my heart and contentment in my mind. I'd continue with Fantabulous February!
Tsk tsk, the month's already come to an end. :\
Continuing with what I am here for! *drum roll* FANTABULOUS FEBRUARY DAY 27! :D

My grandfather's thoughts about tea are always so fascinating.
In this world where coffee is how the world runs (not that he doesn't like coffee. :P), he quoted a sensitive journalist's account, 'We grab a coffee, but we take a cup of tea'
Tea was a different sensation altogether. You could never understand the real taste of tea unless you have it and concentrate on the flavors mingling in your mouth.
Whenever I observed my grandfather drinking a cup of tea, his face turned so content and peaceful. It was obvious that he was enjoying the tea fully.
I believed that his strange fascination for tea was because, he grew up in a land of fragrant tea gardens, Darjeeling.
He always told me about tea leaves and the role they play in making a perfect cup of tea.
The right quantity gave the right taste.
Inspired from him, my mother, my aunt and my grandmother automatically inculcated the habit of drinking tea in large amounts, just like my grandfather. After all, so did they live in Darjeeling.
The recipe was the same for all of them, hot water, tea leaves, and a pinch of sugar (that applies only to my grandmother).

To me, it always seemed like that tea is the only thing they require to keep themselves refreshed.
A cup of piping hot tea woke them up better than coffee or apples.
My mother also says, 'Earl grey, Oolong, Ginger-Honey, Green tea. Whatever it maybe. Darjeeling tea beats all the rest.'
This post generally talked about my maternal family's love for tea.
Trust me, it is actually fascinating!
The tragic thing is that, I have never liked tea.
But, I hope someday I will be able to. Because then, I'd too be able to feel the overwhelming sensation of happiness they do whenever they sip tea.

Ah! Tea. :)


  1. Joyee, My whole family is obsessed with tea. And I have somehow followed there steps and start my day off with a steaming cup of tea. And I have to say it's so blissful waking up to a big mug of darjeeling tea and the smell, OMG don't make me start ranting abt that :) *bliss* Nice read :)

  2. I drink Chamomile, try for 3-4 cups a day. It's incredibly relaxing, so relaxing that if I'm tense or nervous before drinking I can feel the change it brings over me in five or ten minutes. Always by the last drop of the first cup.

  3. That's great! :)
    Thanks for reading! :D

  4. Coffee is my favourite, but yeah tea does have its own charm :D

  5. I freaking love tea. I must've had about a litre of it in the last week because I had to study for endless hours. Tea's awesome, man. Awesome. And so is the post. :)

  6. Peabeeee. :D
    So good to hear from you! :')
    And yeah, Coffee makes me happy too. <3 But, Tea is a different matter altogether :)
    You know, Bun Maska and Chai types? ;)

    Thank you Srimanta! :D
    Well, I don't really drink tea. But yeah. Ice Tea is what I load up on the entire day! And yes, during exams the craving increases! :O (Not to mention I'm having it right now too! :P)

  7. I'm in love with coffee, it keeps me active and alive for a day. But the sweetness of tea makes me feel safe and peaceful at night. xx

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