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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The four wheeled love.

Hi hi! :D Well, exams start from 24th. I'm freaking out already!
So, consider this one of the last posts! (or maybe not ;) )
This comes under Fantabulous February Day 16! :D
(^ Again, Doesn't apply to me. Pretty irregular I am. :P)

I sat on the 5th seat of the mini bus from Connaught Place to Mandi House everyday.
I've been sitting there for the past 30 years.
I've had the most beautiful memory being created there. Especially, the memory which changed my life then and has my future now.

In 1982, I was sitting on my seat as usual. Looking out the window, glancing past signs, boards, buildings and street hawkers.
I was pretty much lost in my own world when I suddenly felt my nostrils fill up with a beautiful scent of vanilla. I turned my head to the left, and a beautiful girl in a pale pink salwar kameez walked up onto the mini bus.
Every man in the bus was now glaring at her with awe.
She sat right beside me, after all, all seats were taken.
It was unlike of me, but, I had started bringing up some hopes with the girl.
But, I was shy. As usual. So, I did not turn my face to her again and looked out of my window. Though her presence was making my heart beat a hundred times faster.


It has been two months since she has been sitting beside me. I haven't even got to know her name yet.
My mind often wondered, why she never sat with anyone or anywhere else. Even if the bus was almost empty.

One day, I gathered up some guts and tried to talk to her.
'Hi' I said feebly.
She gave me a broad smile and replied enthusiastically, 'Hi!'

With that, we began conversations which never seemed to have an end!
While talking to her, I noticed her very carefully.
Oh, how beautiful she was!
Sharp black eyes, delicate pink lips, beautiful brown hair, perfect heart shaped face.
The way she blushed every time we exchanged compliments or my hand brushed against hers.
She looked like an angel. Acted like a lady.
I knew, I knew so damn well.
This might just be love!


Today, me and her, my amazing wife complete 25 years of marriage. The same woman, whom I met on a bus. Fell in love with while on the same bus.
And today, when I sit on the same place, I miss her beside me.
Even though I know she's waiting for me back home.

Was never so perfect before.
Thanks to the bus from Connaught Place to Mandi House.


  1. It's a little cliched, but it's still good! :)

  2. Little bit?
    It crazily cliched. :P
    But, I felt like writing it. Romance on the bus and all! :)

  3. I just have one question. Where's this kind of work when I give you creative writing? x(

    Anyway, good work! Keep writing.

  4. Hahaha! Ma'am! :D
    Thank you so much! :D

  5. Aww :) I'd have to agree with Ruhani. Good read, nevertheless!

  6. The teenager growing up,eh?Thirty years,marriage,that too in a male voice-over...ah,I'm getting old too.;-)
    P.S.How I love reading your sickeningly sweet posts! I won't admit it to the rest of the world but I could do with a little sugar in my life.:P

  7. Oh,and best of luck for your exams! DO NOT CHECK OTHERS' BLOGS BEFORE YOUR EXAMS ARE OVER,I repeat,DO NOT. At least not mine. Ha ha...the 'didi' in me screaming out...that DID feel god.:P

  8. Nice and touching...and I thought this was a real story and almost wished you for completing 25 yrs of married life!


    When I have NOTHING else to write about. Cliched, sugar coated stories are my forte. :P
    And, Soumi DIDI. I'm trying man! Exams start from Friday! :o
    However, Tumi chinta koro na. Aami shambhle nobo. ;)

    Thank you anyways! All of you :)


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