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Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Hello hello! :)
It's kinda sad but, It's only during the finals that I have the urgent need of updating my blog regularly. -.-*
I think I'll sleep through the chemistry section of my science paper. Tsk tsk. :\

However, my ardent love for my blog brings me back to.. *drum roll*.. FANTABULOUS FEBRUARY! :D
Day 21, it is! :)
The picture for today is:

You peek into the room through the hinges of the door.
There he lies unwell, bed ridden, almost dead.
His eyes are empty as they look up onto the cracked beige ceiling.
Your heart aches to see him fail in his endevours to wear his slippers or walk up to the bathroom.
He was forgetting everything.
You gain a little confidence and walk into the room. His eyes rise up in curiosity and sees you walking into the room.
His lips curve slightly into a wanly smile. You smile back in return.
You haven't talked to him or laid your eyes on him since you were 10.
He was on his deathbed now. Alzheimer's was killing him gradually.
He probably doesn't even remember you anymore. The disease made him almost brain dead.
You sat beside him on his bed and put your hand on his belly, where you once sat and listened to bed time stories for hours till your mother picked you up and took you to your bed room.
Your eyes were now welling up with tears.
You wanted him to hold you and say everything will be fine, but, the old man did not remember who you are.
You whisper to yourself 'I'm sorry dadu, I'm so sorry'
Dadu, still curious does not react anything you say.
Instead, he turn his back towards you, covers himself with a blanket and falls back into a deep sleep.

Pity, huh? You never bothered dadu existed. You never bothered that dadu was chronically ill.
Instead, you just ignored him and carried on with your life.
Whenever he called out for you.
You shouted back at him and said you don't have time to talk anymore.
You ignored his existence in your life.You ignored the fact how much he loved you.
Now, he's the one who's forgotten you. And, he will not remember you again.
That's when you realized, you cannot possibly apologize to him now.
For sometimes, Words are just not enough.

* Dadu- Grandfather (Bengali)


  1. Joyeee, this brought me back to the 1st of Jan 2011, when I lost my dadu...the same exact scenario..I held on to his cold lifeless body and cried my heart out. How I had wished I could tell him how I loved him one more time and how I'll keep dida happy and there he just stared at me with the prettiest smile oblivious to every person around him.
    Love how you interpreted this and I have been reading your blog for sometime now and you sure are one of a kind :) Thanks for bringing back the memories.
    Sam B

  2. Aww :(
    I'm so sorry for you Sam!
    I hope you're holding up fine by now. :)

    And, I'm really glad you liked my post
    Thanks! :)

    1. I'm holding up just fine :) Spending loads of time with dida. It's been even more difficult for her as they say Time heals :)

  3. Very sad : ( A wake up call not to take anything or anyone in our lives for granted. Coz who knows that they might not vanish just in the blink of an eye. I loved my Dadu to bits too but am glad I always had the time for him. In fact I would fight to get everybody else's share of his time too ... Good post darling!

  4. That's really good Sam :)
    Take care!

    Thanks Minama!
    I've heard stories about your dadu :)

  5. Darling this is such a sensitive post!! Well done....


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