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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Find your way. (Fantabulous February!)

Hellooooo there mortals! :D
There's this blog which I have been following lately. The author has come up with an exercise kinda thing, which would be a little difficult for me to elaborate on right now (Viral fever -.-) but, the exercise seems to be quite fun!
So, I'll be picking a picture which she used as a stimulus for us authors to write about.
Here we go! :)

It isn't like we haven't ever felt lost and empty.
Every person has a hollow space within themselves, and all their life they just try to find some way to fill that gap.
The sad thing is that, We hardly get anyone or anything to fill it up.

I know, you felt the same way too. So, you packed up your bags and left your home.
You traveled through deserts, grasslands, beaches and valleys.
Wherever you went, you searched for that ONE thing which would caress your wounds, heal your scars and make you feel complete.
In your beat up chevy, you drove through the rugged roads of this country, searching.

On a scorching afternoon of July, You lay on your car seat, exhausted and parched.
The sun was beaming down on your face, sweat beads trickled down your shirt.
That's how you felt.
No darling, That's not how it is. Everything will work out.
You need to realize your life for now is nothing more, but, a jigsaw puzzle.
You'll have to go through a journey. A journey in which you'll discover all the missing parts of this puzzle. Once all the parts are found, you'll be complete too.
When time comes, you'll be part of that journey too.
Oh look! You're already in it!

My inspiration for the post above! ^ :)


  1. I like your interpretation of the picture! :)

  2. Wow!That was quite something!Simple,flowing,lucid yet so BEAUTIFUL!I LOVE Fantabulous February too!It keeps me on my toes like nothing else.It's been only four days since I joined Fantabulous February.I don't know how long I'll be able to stick to this routine but I'm trying my best.Following you right up.

  3. Thank you guys! :D

    And yes, Fantabulous February is pretty awesome. ;)

  4. This was so well written! :)

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