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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Star light, Star bright. :)

Hello there fella's!
So, I did not have any plans of blogging today. But, the today's picture just HAD to be written about! Such a beauty. :')
So, here we go again!
Fantabulous February! Day 22! :D

Star light, Star bright
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish, I wish tonight.

I lay on the terrace and gazed upon the starry skies.
Far away, in the distance two beauties come alive.
The fruitful color of mauve and lusty violet meet.
The colors are like a parade, the sky becomes the street.
I stretch out my hands and curl up my legs.
As I see the sun rays now fade away.
The sky now turning into a dark turquoise.
And in the distance, I see the moon rise.
The heavens above now looked like a palette of beauty.
As I see the skies come alive.
Oh, the ocean of dark blues.
Here, I look at you.
And, this heart of mine loves the view.
The moon now beamed with pride.
The stars, the glitter, all so synchronized.
The faint light now fell on my face.
As the shooting stars fell down the heavens with grace.
The entire night, I spent there
Under the shimmering skies.
Love, beauty and light.
All together.
All perfect.
All right.

Star light, Star bright
The first star I see tonight,
I wish I may, I wish I might,
Have the wish, I wish tonight.


  1. This toh is awesome...I love the little details of the legs curled up, the colors..certain aura to the whole image :) And you have a thing with rhyming! Well done.

  2. Thank you Karan. :P

    Sam! :)
    I always thought I was a terrible poet. :P
    Well, this was refreshing. :)
    Thanks! :)

  3. Wow! Wow....this is really good stuff!! So proud of you darling... :)

  4. Thank you maa! :)

    P.s- Yes, I am studying. And, going for tuition too. :)

  5. You are quite a gem my darling - you are going to go places that I know but will you please take me with you??

  6. Definitely Minama! :D
    Thanks! :)

  7. Love the imagery, love the description of the colors. And yeah, that was quite unique rhyming scheme. All in all, good job kiddo! :)

  8. Thanks Ruhani! :D
    And yeah,the picture is great! :)

    Man! Fantabulous February makes me happy. :D

  9. A budding poetess, lovely poem.Don't stop writing and dreaming, Joyee

  10. Star Light, Star Bright - I've been saying that rhyme ever since I was 5 years old for the brightest star I see in the sky and my son does it too. Funny how you carry these things with you, your post made me remember how important these things are to carry on - no matter how small they are and I adore the rest of your verse that you put with it.

  11. Surreal :)
    Really well composed!

  12. Thank you so much Sulekkha aunty! :)

    Sarah, Yes! Even I learnt that poem when I was about 5. :)
    Remains my favorite!
    Thank you :)

    Thank you Diwita Di! :)

  13. So vivid! Good stuff, Joyee :)

  14. Joyee,

    This is awesome. Keep at it. You have a poet's hand ! God bless you.
    Ayon Uncle

  15. symbolizing a picture that strikes your senses infuses the art of mind captivating imaginations that either you dream or reality that you have somewhere seen.

    your capture was aesthetic. lovely poem Joyee:)

  16. This is Beautiful :) The picture and the follow-up. I loved it.

  17. Thank you so much! Everyone! :)
    I am flattered. :D

  18. Hey Joyee: This is not only a power-packed poetry but a precious painting with myriad of mingling colours. Very impressive indeed. Daju


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