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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Whispers in the wind.

Hallooo Peepalss!
Happy Leap Year! :D
With the leap year, Fantabulous February now comes to an end. Thank you Kanika for initiating such a wonderful concept! :D
We all will be loading up on this. And I guess, we'll end up having this all year round. :D
So, for the last time ladies and gentlemen, *drum roll* Fantabulous February!
Day 29 :)

'Life goes on it gets so heavy, the wheel breaks the butterfly. Every tear a waterfall. In the night the stormy night, she'll close her eyes. In the night the stormy night, away she'd fly. And, dream of para para paradise!'

'Let go, my child. Let go..'
A soft breeze whispered into her ears as she stood on the terrace and inhaled the fresh air.
Warm tears were rolling down her cheeks as she sobbed.
Loss, was something she never experienced.
She never had a peaceful past.
She believed she had followed the right direction, but alas, she was misguided.
All she wanted to do now was to forget a painful and horror filled past which had creased her life.
Forgetting, was not easy after all.

She looked beneath her.
She could have probably jumped off by now.
But, as she stood there. She realized that committing suicide would just prove that she was a coward. Nothing but a coward.
Scared to forget the past.
Afraid to move on to a better future.
The winds whispered words of wisdom.
'Let go.. Let go.. Let go..'
These words played on in her mind.
She was just not ready to accept her faults and correct them.
Fear now overcame her thoughts, this fear caused lack of judgement.
She did not know, whether she would step down and fall.
Or whether she would turn back and go back to where she belonged.

She closed her eyes and imagined.
A life after she took another step further.
Destruction, tears and loss.
A life if she turned back and ran back home. Back home to her mother in whose arms she could cry and console.
Hope, light and happiness.
After another minute or two.
She opened up her eyes with realization.
She looked up to the heavens above and gave a hint of smile.
She looked beneath her, she saw a bed of lush, green grass which awaited her arrival. It would snatch out life from her body.
Her eyes brightened up with mischief.
She turned her back and carefully stepped down the staircase.
Lead back to her much loved home.
Her much loved room.
Her much loved family.
To re-build her fallen apart but, much loved life.

That's about it for today folks! :)
Damn. I'm gonna miss this!
I've heard that Soumi's gonna start a Memorable March! *grin*
I would definitely be joining in! ;)
Until the next time,
Ciaaaooo! :D


  1. Oho,ending on a positive note,I see! That's something I'm yet to learn. Memorable March has started. The clock is ticking. Check my blog out for the inspiration of the week and mail me your link by tomorrow night. Happy blogging!

  2. Soumiiii! I'll be joining after the 5th! Exams end then :)
    Wooooooooooooo hooooooooooooo!:D

  3. Ooh, I liked this! Yes I did!


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