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Friday, March 30, 2012


Whatsup bro?
(^ New obsession, ignore. :P)
Its been almost a month I haven't blogged! It feels crazy.
But however, here we go with the updates:

1) First MUN ever. In China. WAS AMAZING. :D
2) Class 10 now. Phew.
3) My brother's gone up to Class 8. Now, that scares the hell out of me. I've not gotten over the 'I-am-not-in-middle-school-anymore!' feeling. :P
4) Last year of Maths. Whopedoo! :D
5) ^ Unless I plan on giving SAT's. :\
6) Youth Fiesta 2012. *shivers*
8) Its gotten hot in Delhi. Welcome Summers. I hate you. x(
9) Did you notice I skipped 7?
10) Even if you did notice. Just tell me you did not. ;)

Well, the China obsession still remains. Its been just a week since I am back!
Here are some pictures of my trip: =D

Check in! :)

The park near our hotel :)

Lifeline. Forever. :')

4 A.M? :P

Sunset :)

Great wall of China :D

Delegate Dance :)

Beijing Zoo :D
Are we cool or are we cool?

It was one hell of a trip :D
Didn't have much pictures of the MUN.
Apart from the Delegate Dance picture of mine. :P
That'll be all for today! :)
Love, love and more love <3

P.s- Congrats Class 12! Best of luck for College! :)


  1. God I love those pics and yes I did notice you had skipped '7'. LOL - Good going kiddo : )

  2. wow!you guys had quite fun! Nice pics, and yeah, am not telling you that I did notice you skipped no. 7 :P

  3. Dark Angel, Dang! You didn't have to mention that! :P
    Thanks :)

    Rohan, Thank you :)

  4. Man, MUN musta been kickass! Our school ditched out of it the year we were eligible to participate. Sigh.

  5. MUN's are kickass! :)
    Awh. That's sad :(
    You could go for college MUN's! Once you pass out, of course :)


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