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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Back! :) [MM, day 13. :)]

Hiiiii :)
Feels great to be back! Sorry for the sudden hiatus. Life gets hectic. :P
Thanks to Youth Fiesta 2012 and the handing over. :')
So, coming back to ye old blog. A sincere apology to Ruhani, for I never managed to fulfill my promise. :(
Maam, I will be joining Mind blowing May. RIGHT NOW. :)
Here we go!

Mindblowing May. DAY 13. (Day 1, for me.) :)

I am fluid.
I flow towards any path.
I am solid.
I won't let anything break me down.
I am air.
I transform with anything, within anything.
I am lust.
Temptations obstruct my ways.
I am sorrow.
I moisten the eyes and weaken the minds.
I am ecstasy.
I excite the heart and bring joy within.
I am sensitivity.
I am strength.
I am the bearer of your thoughts.
I bewitch you, I tempt.
I make you, I build.
I break you, I destruct.
I am what you are, and always will be.
I am your soul. 
There's no me without you, there's no you without me.

There you sat beside the window, with raindrops rolling down the glass pane. You gazed into the horizons, all you saw was a grey sky. A grey sky which engulfed your mind into thoughts.
 What have you ever done to make people hate you? What have you ever done to make people love you?What have you ever done to give birth to vivid emotions within yourself? What have you ever done?
It has been a while since you ventured out to the streets. You have always preferred staying locked up in your damp room, lost in translucent thoughts which got you no where.
You've been alone and dead.
Did you reach out to them as they cried for you? Did you reach out to them when they solitarily washed past by you? Did you reach out to them?
Your heart trembles with pain and regret. You are going to die a death which will leave your soul empty. Just like you've remained all your life. Empty.
But, you never fail to surprise me.
I see what you're doing right now. Trying to put your hand forward to touch the glass pane.
How do you feel now? How does it feel to connect with something so abstract?
Yes, you see it too! Don't you? They're calling you back. They're touching you back.
There are a million other hands holding yours.
I feel the tear rolling down your cheek. I know, this feeling is overwhelming.
But, that's what the world teaches you. Even though the world is a variety of thoughts and people, they are still a reflection of what you are truly.
Everything is just a reflection. Just like those hands which reach back to you.
Take this as an advantage, make use of this reflection. Come back to the world, the society and the people which long to see your face.
Does that make you feel better?
Yes, I know. It really does.


  1. Hello.
    Visiting from Bloggers Reflections.

    Very thought-provoking post. Your imagery is very vivid too. Nicely expressed.
    Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  2. Joyee, Your intensity is amazing. I just love your words and the emotions they evoke.I have to keep a copy to read many more times and enjoy the beauty of your post. WOW

  3. Absolutely maddeningly fascinating post! You amaze with every new post in your blog! I love the depth and the intensity of each and every word that you keyed here. I am really speechless...

  4. Thank you so much! Everyone! :D

  5. do manage to write such amazing stuff! Fantastic...

  6. Wow! Joyee, this one is really soulful, very intense indeed.


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