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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Well, hello there!

Aren't I ashamed of re appearing on my blog after a 5 month hiatus? Well yes, I am.
But, it's pretty strange that I always end up blogging the most during exams and study leave. (During free time only, mind you. :P) If you go a few paces back into my blog, you'll see that I blogged the most during February (Final exams) and now, I'm back again during my September half yearlies. *grin*
There's a lot to tell you all about, but there's so much that I'd just save it on for later. :)
Anyhow, coming back to what I'm here for, here's a little write up :D

Everything's a perfect picture
Everything's a soulful melody
Everything's amazing
Isn't it?
Says the Perfect, and you better believe.

But, that's only your side of the story. For you haven't seen more. You're blinded by your plush carpets and posh lives. You've barely seen anything at all.
Come over, look through their eyes and you'll see.
That the world isn't privileged enough as they dance to your whims and fancies.
Says the Imperfect, and you better believe.

Hello, I am perfect. I'd guide you through this journey.
I'll take you step by step into my world.
Green grass, blue skies, fresh water and peaceful smiles.
Don't you wish for a future so docile?
Says the Perfect, and you better believe.

See, that's where they lack! Their world is nothing but a fairy tale.
Where's the reality? Have you shown them what actually happens?
Of course you have not. You aren't ready enough to face these adversities with strength.
Oh perfect, you're weak and frail.
Says the Imperfect, and you better believe.

Imperfection, that's all you've seen. 
Tears, sorrow and misery,
Walk into my world, not only is it peace,
It's also hope for a future, a future with happiness and ease.
Oh wake up, you coward. Why do you influence them negatively?
Do not turn them into what you have turned out to be.
Says the Perfect, and you better believe.

And they quarreled on and on.
Keep on quarreling till date.
I stood there and witnessed their argument. 
Both sides making fairly equal sense.
But, I haven't resorted to a conclusion as of yet.
As I'd rather hear them.
Hear them go on and on about who's right and who's wrong.
Says the Human, and you better believe.

Comment, follow. :D
Much love, 
Joyee. :)


  1. You are a magician with your thoughts and words! I am amazed!

  2. Joyee,

    This is so beautiful ! Keep writing !

    Ayon Uncle

  3. There is so much depth in what you write Joyee. Great! Keep up the writing, not only during exam time but even otherwise.

  4. Wow Jiya, I am so impressed! Keep writing girl.

  5. Brilliant. I look forward to being there for the book launch :) I am sure this would lead gift would lead to some interesting published work a little later in life....Keep writing and smiling. god bless.

  6. Amazing indeed, Joyee, brilliant too. God Bless

  7. Thank you everyone! I'm flattered. :D <3

  8. Hello.
    We are all imperfect humans seeking perfection in an imperfect world. Even if it doesn't happen in yours or my lifetime, there will come a time when the earth is restored to its perfect paradise, before sin entered its midst. Sickness, ill-health, poverty, prejudice and even death will be no more. Peace will once again reign supreme and man and beast will live in perfect harmony. These are some deep thoughts from one so young. Wishing you all the best with your studies. Thanks for sharing.

    Thoughts Of Beauty In The Stillness Of Dawn...

  9. Joyee,you had me at that picture! Perfect! And welcome back! You have been missed. Love.

  10. Soumi di! :D
    Haha, yes. The picture's great. Also my Facebook cover. :P
    Thank you <3

  11. Very well written,and so nice to see you blogging again,you have a natural flair for writing,don't ever stop.

  12. Just stumbled upon your blog and yes, this indeed made a very good read!


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