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Monday, November 19, 2012


Hello mortals, how you doin'?
Well, again. It's been long since my last post, eh? It's hard to write without inspiration. Story of my life. :\
But hey! I'm back again. With inspiration, with a message and a heavy heart.
Go ahead, read. :)

I walked to the main road with a bag pack full of chemistry manuals which now began to tire my shoulders. Well, doing a Masters degree in chemistry isn't a cakewalk, I woke up in the middle of the night murmuring about various atoms and particles. It's a hard life.
I stayed in a girl's hostel which was 15 minutes away from the college. Generally, I never got out of college after 6.30 PM, but due to the final term papers. I had some finishing up to do in the library.
The sky was in a shade of violet, ample stars were on display tonight. I smiled to myself and walked briskly.

Streets of Bangalore get slightly unsafe during the evenings. I walked on the pavement and noticed at least 1 guy from each corner staring their eyes out at me. I hung my head low and walked on, faster by each second. As I walked on, I could hear footsteps right behind me. Too afraid to turn back, I began to run and I heard the footsteps running right behind me.
A hand held my shoulder. The man tested my patience for long, I couldn't hold back. I turned, and felt a sharp blinding pain on my forehead, with blood trickling down.


I woke up shortly after the event. In an unknown dark rooms which smelt of alcohol. I felt dizzy and reached out for someone.
And right then, my hand fell on a man who sat in a chair beside the bed in deep slumber. 
He awoke in a jiffy and a looked at me with a smug smile.
As he stood up, the door opened with the entrance of two other men as well. 
My heart trembled in fear, an involuntary flow of tears ran down my eyes continuously.
The strong hand grasped both my arms strongly and my clothing was mercilessly torn off as I kept on screaming, shouting and crying for help.
I was pinned on the bed by the two frailer men and saw the big man reaching for my underwear. I kick, I shiver, I shout even more. No answer, just a thrash across my cheek.
Once I lay on the bed, naked and scarred all over. The gruesome grins and laughs of the men as I was tortured. As I cried and pleaded.
A thrash across my face would shut me up temporarily as the tears rolled down my face with the forceful penetration. The burns down under. My dignity shattered.
The sudden whiff of morphine surrounded my nose. I fainted.

She didn't wake up next morning.
She couldn't handle all the merciless torture she was put through. She was burnt down to flames the very next day. 
Why? Just like all of us, she had a dream, a family, a group of friends and hopes from her life. And this is how she goes away. By a group of drunk men who have to take out their sexual desires on a young girl.
This was crime. Sexual assault is a crime.



  1. That was a powerful write. It's horrible the things we women have to worry about.

  2. I completely agree. And it's crazy out here in India.
    *sigh* We need a change.

  3. Oh god, intense post, this one.
    Its really sad that we have to pretty hope that such things dont happen to us or our loved ones >:(

  4. *sigh* Quite intense; more readers won't agree more than you if you just had shared this post more. Nonetheless, you have spoken the truth with such immense & active description.
    6 Ounces of Words


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