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Friday, February 22, 2013

Kabhi Kabhi. :)

Pre-exam times are pretty awkward. You spend hours and hours mugging up history and then crying over physics and math, after that in short 15 minute break of yours when you just sit idle to empty your mind could actually be the moment when you think the most. And, think the most about life in general.
The most random things come up in your head! You start comparing your life to sitcoms, you start unnecessarily speaking to yourself, you start to scribble absent mindedly and then suddenly remember you've been scribbling all over your chemistry notes.  
These short periods of procrastination beckon you to ACTUALLY look over your life! And the first thing which comes up in your (my) mind is, 'What the hell have I been doing?'
Whirlwind of flashbacks, moments of utter embarrassment, urge to slap yourself across your cheek? Yeah, happens all the time.
You know, sometimes in life you don't always have to be smart. We need to be silly sometimes. All of us have some baggage with us, be it emotional baggage or physical baggage. But, we must carry this baggage on as part of life. And, I am onto trying to do so. 
Situations in our lives are like glass. Sometimes, you need to accept a situation when it is broken. And, try not to fix it at all times because it may hurt you and even if it is fixed it would never be the same. Sooner your accept it's gone, the sooner you prepare to start new. :)

On a lighter note, here are some pictures. Hiiiii! :D

I don't like cats. One bit. This one stood there as I ate my lunch. :|


From my verandah back in Kolkata. :D

This was one pretty light. :)

Strawberry 'something I cannot remember'! :o Heaven. <3

During Durga Puja. Happy happy times. :D


  1. You have a verandah THIS pretty! And,guilty confession-I love macaroons too!

  2. The verandah is pretty alright. :) This toh is clever camerawork. B) yeah, some confession. :/
    Btw, where do you get macaroons in Cal?

  3. There was a point in my life where I couldn't see anything but Macaroons! :P
    I'm back on blogger, would love for you to follow back! :)


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